英語メールで謝罪するときに役立つ英文サンプル 【5選】




1.英文で謝罪のメール例文 【台風で出荷が遅れ】

2.英文で謝罪のメール例文 【サービスの対応が遅れる】 

3.英文で謝罪のメール例文 【大量の注文で納期遅れ】

4.英文で謝罪のメール例文 【欠陥品の謝罪】

5.英文で謝罪のメール例文 【従業員の態度について謝罪】


Dear Jack,

I am writing to inform you that there will be a 1-week delay in our product delivery due to the recent typhoon hit our state. I sincerely apologize for this delay.
we appreciate your kind understanding of the situation.

Paul Oldman
Managing Director



Dear Jack,

ABC Solution expresses our heartfelt sympathy to the victims and their families who suffer from the earthquake in the Kobe District. We send our prayers for the earliest possible restoration as well as everybody's safety and health.

In the consequence of the earthquake, the scheduled electricity blackouts, reduced transportation, blocked roads as well as difficulties in securing fuel have been impacting our delivery scheme, and we are unable to provide devices, paper, other consumables as well as maintenance services timely and sufficiently.

Under such circumstances, we have been prioritizing emergency responses for those customers who provide lifelines, including the governments, medical organizations and public institutions. Thus, we sincerely apologize for the inconveniences that may occur to other customers.

Currently, all relative divisions have been studying countermeasures and we will provide necessary information through media such as our official site. We are making our full efforts to recover our operations.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Paul Oldman
Managing Director







Dear Mr. John,

This is in regard to your order no. XD-18945 which you placed with our company ABC Solution Inc on the 5th of November.

We sincerely apologize to you for the delay in the delivery of the products you ordered with us. Due to irregularities in the manufacturing department, this inconvenience has been caused to you. We are also flooded with a large number of unexpected orders this month and all this has led to this delay.

We are trying our best to minimize the delay as much as possible to reduce your trouble. We have equipped our departments with more number of staffs and within the next 2 days, your shipment shall be dispatched for delivery.

You are a loyal and supportive client of our company for years, and we are grateful to you for your commitment to us. As a small token of honor and as a mark of apology we offer a 10% discount to you on your next purchase order with us. Whenever you place your next order with our company, you can avail of this discount on the final bill value.

To ensure that this crisis does not take place in the future again, we have taken all precautionary steps. Once again we apologize to you for all the troubles caused because of us. We would appreciate your support on this matter.

誠に申し訳ございませんが、当社ABC Solution Incに11月5日付けでご注文いただきましたXD-18945の出荷が遅れることとなりました。


出来る限り遅延を最小限に抑えるように最善を尽くしています。 製造部門に多くのスタッフを追加で配置し、今後2日以内に、御社の貨物を発送する予定です。

御社は何年もの間、弊社をサポート頂いているお客様であり、我社への貢献を感謝しています。 また謝罪としまして、次回の注文時に10%の割引をご提供致します。次の注文の際に請求額の割引にご利用して下さい。





Dear John,

We are very sorry that the shipment of goods order no aby-0298 that you received on November 10th was defective. We understand your disappointment and appreciate the inconvenience this must have caused your organization and the logistics problems that ensued.

There is no question that the product we shipped did not meet the very high standards our customers have come to expect and should continue to demand.

In our effort to improve the overall quality of our products, we used a new composite material for your order. We have since returned to the original recipe and can assure you that we are in the process of completing more thorough testing and development.

I can promise you that the highest quality standards will be met in the future because protecting our reputation for delivering the best product on the market is a key priority for us. Again, I apologize for our mistake and regret any inconvenience caused as a result.

We have already brought in additional staff to expedite the production of a replacement order and guarantee its delivery by the end of this week. We have also asked our shippers to pick up the defective product prior to delivery of the new shipment, in order to free up your warehouse space.

We look forward to continuing the mutually beneficial relationship that our two companies have shared over the last two years.

If there is anything else that we can do to minimize your inconvenience in regard to this matter, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Paul Newman
Production Manager









Dear Ms. Kelly,

On behalf of XYZ solutions, I extend our sincerest apologies for the bad experience you had with our sales staff, John. I understand that John made unprofessional remarks when you visited our shop to inquire about a new notebook PC. You came to us in search of information and instead were subjected to a pushy salesperson.

At XYZ, it’s our goal to help you make an informed purchase decision without having to deal with aggressive sales tactics. John is a new employee that I’ve been training. I take full responsibility for his behavior. He has received a written reprimand and will be shadowing one of our senior sales associates until he has a better understanding of the XYZ solutions approach to customer service.

I’m grateful that you brought this issue to my attention and I ask your forgiveness. We’d love to earn your business. I’ve included a voucher for 20 percent off your next purchase in our store as a thank-you, should you decide to give us a second chance. We hope to see you again soon!

Kind regards,

Paul Newman
XYZ solutions Sales Manage








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