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Romantic comedy

Every man's dream comes true for William Thacker, an unsuccessful Notting Hill bookstore owner, when Anna Scott, the world's most beautiful woman and best-liked actress, enters his shop. A little later, he still can't believe it himself, William runs into her again - this time spilling orange juice over her. Anna accepts his offer to change in his nearby apartment, and thanks him with a kiss, which seems to surprise her even more than him. Eventually, Anna and William get to know each other better over the months, but being together with the world's most wanted woman is not easy - neither around your closest friends, nor in front of the all-devouring press. (from https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0125439/)



数日後にアナが「連絡をください」というので高級ホテル「リッツ・ロンドン」に向かったウィリアムは、新作映画のキャンペーンであったものの雑誌の記者になりすましてアナとの再会に成功。妹ハニーの誕生会に誘う。集まった人々は驚きながらも、自然に振舞う。一つ残ったチョコレート・ブラウニー(chocolate brownie)は不幸自慢をして一番不幸な人が食べるということになり、それぞれが話す。脚の不自由なベラだと思いきや、夫のマックスがウィリアムはバツイチで書店は赤字続き、ハンサムだった顔も崩れてきたと語り、ウィリアムがブラウニーを食べる流れになったところで、アナが女優なんてなるまでもなってからも大変、美容整形の過去の話まで持ち出してとぼやくと、一同は落ち込みブラウニーはアナの物となる。


1年後に撮影でロンドンを訪れたアナは一人の女性として愛を告白。ウィリアムは身分が違いすぎると別れを告げる。みんな慰める中でスパイクだけが「お前はなんて馬鹿な男なんだ」と発破をかける。意を決したウィリアムは、アメリカに戻るアナを追って街中を駆け回り、「リッツ・ロンドン」での記者会見にたどり着き再び奇跡を起こす。(from wikipedia)


Notting Hill (1/10) Movie CLIP - Can I Have Your Autograph?



WILLIAM: So, I saw you put that book down your trousers.

THIEF: What book?

WILLIAM: The one down your trousers.

THIEF: I haven't got a book down my trousers.

WILLIAM: Right -- well, then we have something
of an impasse. I tell you what --
I'll call the police -- and, what can
I say? -- If I'm wrong about the whole
book-down-the-trousers scenario, I
really apologize.

THIEF: Okay -- what if I did have a book down
my trousers?

WILLIAM: Well, ideally, when I went back to
the desk, you'd remove the Cadogan
guide to Bali from your trousers, and
either wipe it and put it back, or
buy it. See you in a sec.

WILLIAM: Sorry about that...

ANNA: No, that's fine. I was going to
steal one myself but now I've changed
my mind. Signed by the author, I see.

WILLIAM: Yes, we couldn't stop him. If you
can find an unsigned copy, it's
worth an absolute fortune.

THIEF: Excuse me.

ANNA: Yes.

THIEF: Can I have your autograph?

ANNA: What's your name?

THIEF: Rufus.

THIEF: What does it say?

ANNA: Well, that's the signature -- and
above, it says 'Dear Rufus -- you
belong in jail.'

THIEF: Nice one.
Would you like my phone number?

ANNA: Tempting but... no, thank you.

ANNA: I think I will try this one.

WILLIAM: Oh -- right -- on second thoughts
maybe it wasn't that bad.
Actually-- it's a sort of masterpiece really.
None of those childish kebab
stories you get in so many travel
books these days. And I'll throw in
one of these for free.

WILLIAM: Very useful for lighting fires,
wrapping fish, that sort of things.

ANNA: Thanks.


Notting Hill (2/10) Movie CLIP - William Runs Into Anna 


ANNA: Oh Jesus.

WILLIAM: Here, let me help.

ANNA: What are you doing?!

WILLIAM: Nothing, nothing... Look, I live just
over the street -- you could get
cleaned up.

ANNA: No thank you. I need to get my car back.

WILLIAM: I also have a phone.
I'm confident that in five minutes we can have you
spick and span and back on the street
again... in the non-prostitute sense obviously.

ANNA: Okay. So what does 'just over the
street' mean -- give it to me in yards.

WILLIAM: Eighteen yards. That's my house there.


Notting Hill (3/10) Movie CLIP - A Spontaneous Kiss


ANNA: Oh Jesus.

WILLIAM: Here, let me help.

ANNA: Gets the hands off!

WILLIAM: Nothing, nothing... Look, I live just
over the street -- you could get
cleaned up.

ANNA: No thank you. I need to get my car

WILLIAM: I also have a phone. I'm confident
that in five minutes we can have you
spick and span and back on the street
again... in the non-prostitute sense

ANNA: Okay. So what does 'just over the
street' mean -- give it to me in yards.

WILLIAM: Eighteen yards. That's my house


Notting Hill (4/10) Movie CLIP - Questions & Apologies 


WILLIAM: So I'll just fire away, shall I?

WILLIAM: Right. Ahm... the film's great...
and I just wondered -- whether you
ever thought of having more...
horses in it?

ANNA: Ahm -- well -- we would have liked to
-- but it was difficult, obviously,
being set in space.

WILLIAM: Obviously. Very difficult.

WILLIAM: I'm sorry -- I arrived outside -- they
thrust this thing into my hand -- I
didn't know what to do.

ANNA: No, it's my fault, I thought this
would all be over by now. I just
wanted to sort of apologize for the
kissing thing. I seriously don't
know what got in to me. I just wanted
to make sure you were fine about it.

WILLIAM: Absolutely fine about it.

JEREMY: Do remember that Miss Scott is also
keen to talk about her next project,
which is shooting later in the summer.

WILLIAM: Oh yes -- excellent. Ahm -- any horses
in that one? Or hounds, of course. Our
readers are equally intrigued by both

ANNA: It takes place on a submarine.

WILLIAM: Yes. Right... But if there were horses,
would you be riding them yourself or
would you be getting a stunt horse person
double sort of thing?

WILLIAM: I'm just a complete moron. Sorry.
This is the sort of thing that happens
in dreams -- not in real life. Good
dreams, obviously -- it's a dream to
see you again.

ANNA: And what happens next in the dream?

WILLIAM: Well, I suppose in the dream dream
scenario. I just... ahm, change my
personality, because you can do that
in dreams, and walk across and kiss the
girl but

JEREMY: Time's up, I'm afraid. Sorry it was
so short. Did you get what you wanted?


Notting Hill (5/10) Movie CLIP - Best Friends Already 


MAX: Come on in. Vague food crisis.

BELLA: Hiya -- sorry -- the guinea fowl is
proving more complicated than expected.

WILLIAM: He's cooking guinea fowl?

BELLA: Don't even ask.


BELLA: Hi. Good Lord -- you're the spitting
image of...

WILLIAM: Bella -- this is Anna.

BELLA: Right.

MAX: Okay. Crisis over.

WILLIAM: Max. This is Anna.

MAX: Hello, Anna ahm...
Scott -- have some wine.

ANNA: Thank you.

MAX: Hi.

MAX: Yes, Happy Birthday.

MAX: Look, your brother has brought this
girl, and ahm...

HONEY: Hi guys.
Oh holy fuck.

WILLIAM: Hun -- this is Anna.
Anna -- this is Honey --she's my baby sitter.

ANNA: Hiya.

HONEY: Oh God this is one of those key moments
in life, when it's possible you can be
really, genuinely cool -- and I'm going
to fail a hundred percent. I absolutely
and totally and utterly adore you and I
think you're the most beautiful woman
in the world and more importantly I
genuinely believe and have believed for
some time now that we can be best
friends. What do you think?

ANNA: Ahm... lucky me. Happy Birthday.

HONEY: Oh my God. You gave me a present.
We're best friends already. Marry
Will -- he's a really nice guy and
then we can be sisters.

ANNA: I'll think about it.


Notting Hill (6/10) Movie CLIP - What Do You Do?


MAX: That'll be Bernie.

MAX: Hello, Bernie.

BERNIE: I'm sorry I'm so late. Bollocksed up
at work again, I fear. Millions down
the drain.

MAx: well done

MAX: Bernie -- this is Anna.

BERNIE: Hello, Anna. Delighted to meet you.

BERNIE: Honey Bunny -- happy birthday to you.
It's a hat. You don't have to wear
it or anything.

MAX: You haven't slept with her, have you?

WILLIAM: That is a cheap question and the answer
is, of course, no comment.

MAX:'No comment' means 'yes.'

WILLIAM: No, it doesn't.

MAX: Do you ever masturbate?

WILLIAM: Definitely no comment.

MAX: You see -- it means 'yes.'

BERNIE: So tell me Anna -- what do you do?

ANNA: I'm an actress.
what do you do?

BERNIE: Splendid. I'm actually in the stock-
market, so not really similar fields,
though I have done some amateur stuff
-- P.G. Wodehouse, you know -- farce,
all that. 'Ooh -- careful there,
vicar.' Always imagined it's a
pretty tough job, though, acting.
I mean the wages are a scandal,
aren't they?

ANNA: Well, they can be.

BERNIE: I see friends from university --
clever chaps -- been in the business
longer than you -- they're scraping
by on seven, eight thousand a year.
It's no life. What sort of acting
do you do?

ANNA: Films mainly.

BERNIE: Oh splendid. Well done. How's the
pay in movies? I mean, last film you
did, what did you get paid?

ANNA: Fifteen million dollars.


Notting Hill (7/10) Movie CLIP - Brownie Contest 


BELLA: We're lucky in lots
of ways, but... Surely it's worth a

MAX: Well, I don't know. Look at
William. Very unsuccessful
professionally. Divorced. Used to
be handsome, now kind of squidgy
around the edges -- and absolutely
certain never to hear from Anna again
after she's heard that his nickname
at school was Floppy.

WILLIAM: So I get last brownie?

MAX: I think you do, yes.

ANNA: Wait a minute. What about me?

MAX: I'm sorry? You think you deserve the

ANNA: Well... a shot at it.

WILLIAM: You'll have to prove it. This is a
great brownie and I'm going to fight
for it.

ANNA: Well, I've been on a diet since I was
nineteen, which means basically I've
been hungry for a decade. I've had a
sequence of not nice boyfriends -- one
of whom hit me: and every time my heart
gets broken it gets splashed across
the newspapers as entertainment.
Meantime, it cost millions to get me
looking like this...

HONEY: Really?

ANNA: Really -- and one day, not long from

ANNA:... my looks will go, they'll find out
I can't act and I'll become a sad
middle-aged woman who looks a bit like
someone who was famous for a while.

MAX: Nah!!! Nice try, gorgeous -- but you
don't fool anyone.

WILLIAM: Pathetic effort to hog the brownie.]


Notting Hill (8/10) Movie CLIP - Friendly Banter


GERALD: I didn't like that last film of hers.
Fast asleep from the moment the
lights went down.

LAWRENCE: Don't really care what the films are
like. Any film with her in it --
fine by me.

GERALD: No -- not my type at all really. I
prefer that other one -- blonde --
sweet looking -- has an orgasm every
time you take her out for a cup of


GERALD: Drug-induced, I hear -- I believe
she's actually in rehab as we speak.

LAWRENCE: Whatever, she's so clearly up for it.

LAWRENCE: You know -- some girls, they're all
'stay away chum' but Anna, she's
absolutely gagging for it. Do you
know that in over fifty percent of
languages the word for "actress" is
the same as the word for "prostitute."

LAWRENCE: And Anna is your definitive actress
-- someone really filthy you can just
flip over...

WILLIAM: Right, that's it.

WILLIAM: I'm sorry to disturb you guys but --

LAWRENCE: Can I help you?

WILLIAM: Well, yes, I wish I hadn't overheard
your conversation -- but I did and I
just think, you know...

...the person you're talking about
is a real person and I think she
probably deserves a little bit more
consideration, rather than having
jerks like you drooling over her...

LAWRENCE: Oh sod off, mate. What are you, her dad?

WILLIAM: I'm sorry.

ANNA: No, that's fine. I love that you
tried... time was I'd have done the

ANNA: In fact -- give me a second.


LAWRENCE: Oh my God...

ANNA: I'm sorry about my friend -- he's
very sensitive.

LAWRENCE: No, look, I'm sorry...

ANNA: Please, please -- let's just leave
it there. I'm sure you meant no harm,
and I'm sure it was just friendly
banter and I'm sure you dicks are all
the size of peanuts. A perfect match
for the size of your brains. Enjoy
your meal. The tuna's really good.


Notting Hill (9/10) Movie CLIP - Just a Girl


WILLIAM: ... can I just say 'no' to your kind
request and leave it at that?

ANNA:... Yes, that's fine. Of course. I...
you know... of course... I'll just...
be getting along then... nice to see

WILLIAM: The truth is...

WILLIAM: ... with you, I'm in real danger. It
took like a perfect situation, apart
from that foul temper of yours -- but my
relatively inexperienced heart would,
I fear, not recover if I was once again
... cast aside, which I would
absolutely expect to be. There are too
many pictures of you everywhere, too
many films. You'd go and I'd be...
well, buggered, basically.

ANNA: I see.
That reality is a real 'no,' isn't it?

WILLIAM: I live in Notting Hill. You live in
Beverly Hills. Everyone in the world
knows who you are. My mother has
trouble remembering my name.

ANNA: Okay. Fine. Fine. Good decision.

ANNA: The fame thing isn't really real, you
know. Don't forget -- I'm also just a
girl. Standing in front of a boy.
Asking him to love her.

ANNA: Bye.


Notting Hill (10/10) Movie CLIP - The Wrong Decision


HONEY: Good move: when all is said and done,
she's nothing special. I saw her
taking her pants off and I definitely
glimpsed some cellulite down there.

BELLA: Good decision. All actresses are mad
as snakes.

WILLIAM: Tony -- what do you think?

TONY: Never met her, never want to.

WILLIAM: Brilliant. Max?

MAX: Absolutely. Never trust a vegetarian.

WILLIAM: Great. Thanks.

SPIKE: I was called and I came. What's up?

HONEY: William has just turned down Anna Scott.

SPIKE: You daft prick!

HONEY: no no no actuly quit sensible

BELLA: This painting isn't the original, is it?

WILLIAM: Yes, I think that one may be.

BERNIE: But she said she wanted to go out with


BERNIE: That's nice.


BERNIE: Well, you know, anybody saying they
want to go out with you is... pretty
great... isn't it...

WILLIAM: It was sort of sweet actually -- I mean,
I know she's an actress and all that, so
she can deliver a line -- but she said
that she might be as famous as can be --
but also... that she was just a girl,
standing in front of a boy, asking him
to love her.

WILLIAM: Oh sod a dog. I've made the wrong
decision, haven't I?

WILLIAM: Max, how fast is your car?

WILLIAM: Max, how fast is your car?






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