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Meet Hitch (Will Smith), New York City's greatest matchmaker. Love is his job and he'll get you the girl of your dreams in just three easy dates, guaranteed! And that's exactly what happens when Albert Brennaman (TV's Kevin James, "The King of Queens") wins the heart of gorgeous society heiress Allegra Cole (supermodel Amber Valletta).

So when tabloid columnist Sara Melas (Eva Mendes, Stuck On You, Once Upon a Time in Mexico) decides to uncover the secret behind the tubby schlub's success, she's shocked to discover that Alex Hitchens, the charming young man she's been seeing, is the legendary date doctor himself.

Exposed in a front-page scoop, it's now up to Alex to try to save Albert and Allegra's relationship as well as his own. Which only goes to show that just when you think you've found true love, there's always a HITCH. (from https://www.sonypictures.com/)


デート・コンサルタントと称される「ヒッチ」(Will Smith)はモテない男性をモテるよう指南している。ある日彼のもとへアルバート(Kevin James)が仕事の依頼を申し込む。なんと彼の憧れの女性は大金持ちの有名人アレグラ・コール(Amber Valletta)だった。アルバートにモテの指導をしている最中に、ヒッチンスはゴシップ記者のサラ・ミラス(Eva Mendes) に恋をしてしまう。サラは男に興味が無いといっていたが、他の男とは違うヒッチに少しずつ惹かれていく。


「HITCH」はアメリカ人が日常的に使う会話が中心の映画で、アメリア英会話に慣れるに最適な映画です。Will Smithにデート術を習ったKevin JamesとAmber Vallettaの恋愛下手な男女が幸せをつかむまでの会話、Will SmithとEva Mendesのの軽妙なトークは英語としても英語学習としても五つ星のラブ・コメディです。


Will Smith as Alex "Hitch" Hitchens
Eva Mendes as Sara Melas
Kevin James as Albert Brennaman
Amber Valletta as Allegra Cole

Hitch (1/8) Movie CLIP - Shock and Awe (2005) HD

Hitch: When you're in the room, be in the room.
Concentrate. Focus.
Women respond when you respond to them.

Cole : My friend Maggie is a talented designer.
I've seen the business plan and the samples look fantastic.
And I would really like to get involved.

Boss: I'll tell you what.
Let us come up with a range of investments
that we think you might be interested in...
and next month,
we'll run the whole lot of them by you.

Cole : Okay.

Boss: Fine. Thank you. All right, gentlemen.

Hitch: Let's go over this one more time.
What is the objective?

Albert: Shock and awe.

Hitch: That was shockingly awful.
What is the objective?

Albert: Shock and awe.

Hitch: What is the objective?

Albert: Excuse me, sir.

Boss: Yes, Albert?

Albert: Yes, I don't really agree with that.

Boss: You don't really agree with what?

Albert: I think if you want to invest Million dalls in your friend's business...
that's exactly what you should do.
You don't need us to tell you what to do.
We're a board of advisers,not your kindergarten teachers.
If you want to be taken seriously as an adult...
then start taking yourself seriously as an adult...
instead of asking for permission to invest your own money...
from a boardroom full of your daddy's golf buddies.

Boss: That's quite enough!

Albert: I'm not finished.

Albert: I'd like to see anybody in this room handle the attention and publicity...
that she's had to deal with her whole life, with half her class.
We should be taking advice from you, Miss Cole. Not the other way around.

Boss: Sit down...

Albert: No! You know what? I quit!
Oh, my God.



concentrate : 集中
respond : 対応する
talented : 才能のある
investments : 投資
a whole lot of : 多くの
objective : 目的
awe : 畏敬の念
awful : ひどい
permission : 許可
buddies. : 仲間
publicity : 宣伝
other way around : 逆に


Hitch: Just breathe. How'd it go?

Albert: I yelled at her. I screamed at my boss!
I quit my job!

Hitch: What?
You said...

Albert: I gotta go back.
No, I didn't tell you to quit.

Hitch: Relax. Okay, listen, we're fine.

Albert: Would you let me go?

Hitch: Albert, no!

Hitch: Just relax! Okay?

Hitch: Just let it marinate for a second. Trust me.

Albert: No!

Hitch: Relax.

Cole: It's Allegra Cole.

Hitch: Answer it.

Cole: Could I speak to you a second?

Hitch: Answer the door, Albert.

Albert: Yes. Hi.

What's up?

Cole: Listen, Albert, right?
People don't usually talk to me like that.

Hitch: Close your mouth, man.

Cole: Let me rephrase that.
People never talk to me like that.

Hitch: Stand up.

Cole: I guess it's kind of scary for them.
But that's why I really appreciate
what you did in there.
But I was wondering...
do you think that you and I could get together sometime this week?
You know, to go over things.
Financial things.
I'd like to see the areas where I can afford to take some risks.

Hitch: Check your schedule.

Albert: I'll check my schedule.

Cole: Great. Let me give you my number.
Do you have a pen?
I don't think I have one.

Albert: Yes, I do.

Cole: Great.
And call me Allegra.

Hitch: You're done.

Albert: Goodbye.



Let It Marinate:ちょっと一服して考えよう
really appreciate:本当に感謝する
get together:一緒に


Man A: She's some kind of newspaper columnist.
Comes in here once in a while. Great tipper.

Hitch: What's her drink?

Man A: Usually beer.
Tonight, Grey Goose martini, dirty.

Man B: Hi.
I noticed your glass was getting low...
So I took the liberty
of bringing you another apple martini.

Sara: Thank you.

Man B: And I couldn't help but notice
you look a lot like my next girlfriend.

Sara: What's your name?

Man B: They call me Chip.

Sara: You can't get them to stop?

Man B: That was funny.

Sara: Listen, I understand the courage it takes
to walk across a room...
and try to generate a relationship
out of thin air.
So don't take the following personally.

Man B: You have fantastic eyes.

Sara: Thanks. Try to listen.
This is no reflection on you.
I'm just not interested.
But thank you for the compliment
of coming over.

Man B: You're welcome.
So do you like Cuban food?

Sara: Chip, seriously, that was not code for,
"I wish you'd try harder."

Man B: Are you always so shut-down and afraid
that the right man might make you...
Feel like a natural woman?

Hitch: Sorry I'm late, honey.
I couldn't get a cab. How was the meeting?

Sara: Well, there was a beginning,
a middle, and an end.
Nice to meet you, Chip.

Man B: You, too.

Hitch: On the one hand,
it is very difficult for a man...
to even speak to someone
who looks like you.
But on the other hand,

Hitch: should that be your problem?

Man B: So life's kind of hard all around.

Hitch: Not if you pay attention.
You're sending all the right signals:
no earrings, heels under two inches,
your hair is pulled back...
wearing reading glasses with no book,
drinking a Grey Goose martini...
which means you had a hell of a week
and a beer just wouldn't do it.
If that wasn't clear enough...
there's always the "fuck off"
that you have stamped on your forehead.



once in a while:たまに
Great tipper:チップをたくさんあげる人
I took the liberty:思い切って
courage it takes:勇気がいる
walk across:渡る
out of thin air:薄い空気
reflection on :反省 
not interested:興味がない
coming over:くる
pay attention:注意を払う


Hitch: So, tell me about her.

Man C: Have you ever met someone...
and you knew right away
she was gonna be important to you?
Not just because of her looks,
but that X factor.

Hitch: How'd you meet her?

Man C: Actually, I was in a shop
buying pajamas for my mom.

Hitch: And by that, of course, you mean...
you were buying lingerie
for another woman.

Man C: Yes. You can't help
where you meet somebody.
And the lingerie is for a woman
I'm no longer seeing.
But anyway, the girl I met,
the one I was talking about...
she's so sweet, funny, Southern.

Hitch: She gives me her number Now.

Man C: she won't return my phone calls.
I don't know what it is about her.
I just can't get her out of my mind.
You know, food has lost its taste.
Colors, they seem dull.
Things that used to matter...
I don't know, they just no longer do.
I think things aren't gonna snap back
unless I...
Unless I bang her.

Hitch: Excuse me?

Man C: You know, bang her. Clear my head.
Get in, get off, get out.

Hitch: I think you may have misunderstood
what I do exactly.

Man C: No, I was told you help guys get in there.

Hitch: Right. But, see, here's the thing.
My clients actually like women.
Hit it and quit it is not my thing.

Man C: Let me make one thing clear to you, rabbi.
I need professional help.

Hitch: Well, that is for damn certain.
And I'm glad you can admit it
because generally that's the hardest part.

Man C: You see what I'm doing?
This is what I'm about.
Power suit, power tie, power steering.
People can wince, cry, beg,
but eventually they do what I want.

Hitch: So that's, like, a metaphor.
Well, I'm more of a literal kind of guy.
So when I do this...
this is more like me saying
that I will literally break your shit off...
if you ever touch me again. Okay, pumpkin?



snap back:捥ぎ取る
Unless I bang her:私が彼女とヤらない限り
damn certain:紛れも無い
literal :ありのままの


Hitch: No. You know, I think it must have
sucked up a diaper or something.

Sara: Gross. Try it again.
You want me to call AAA?

Hitch: Come on around and let me hop on with you.

Sara: I don't know. What if you break mine, too?
Then we'll both be sitting ducks.

Hitch: I didn't break it. It just died.
Yeah, yeah.

Sara: All right, hop on.

Hitch: Scoot back.

Sara: Hitch, I'm already here.

Hitch: But you don't know where we're going.

Sara: Why don't you tell me?
Then we'll both know.

Hitch: Sara?

Sara: Man, male egos.
I don't know how you guys
make it through the day with them.

Hitch: What? It is not my ego.
I just don't want to ruin the surprise.

Hitch: I'm sorry. Are you all right?



sucked up : 吸い上げた
diaper : おむつ
Gross : キモい
hop on : 飛び乗る
make it through the day with : 一日を乗り切る
ruin : 台無しにしする



Albert: That's what it's all about, right there.
See how it gets bigger?
Now I'm gonna start the fire.
But the feet are going.
I start the fire, I make the pizza.
Hips are always going.
Can't get enough hip.
From there, the Q-Tip.
Q-Tip. Throw it away.
That's not working, hit them with this.

Hitch: Don't ever...
do that again.
Do you hear me?

Albert: Just expressing myself.

Hitch: No.
Not like that, you're not, all right?
This is where you live.
Right here.
You live right here, okay? This is home.
None of this.
I don't wanna see none of that.
Don't need no pizza. They got food there.
Elbows, inches from the waist,
degree angles.
Don't you bite your lip. Stop it.
Women relate dancing to sex, all right?
Even a great dancer can lose it
with one of these.

Albert: Okay, now that's what I need to be learning.
Can't stop it.
You cannot stop it.
Next subject.



Sara: Are you here?
Sara, you're such an idiot! You moron!
What the hell did you think?
You're so stupid! You gotta learn, Sara.
When are you gonna learn...

Hitch: Should I come back later?

Sara: Hi. I thought you left.

Hitch: Well, I did,
but then I came back with breakfast.
I figured it was the least that I could do.
I didn't know what you were drinking...
so I got a grande cap, a latte,
an Earl Grey tea...
and something with "chai" in the title.

Sara: Tea for me.

Hitch: Tea. Yes! I was hoping you'd say that.

Sara: Oh, God.
You're a morning person, aren't you?

Hitch: Well, like I always tell my clients:
Begin each day as if it were on purpose.

Hitch: Wow. Beautiful day.

Sara: Yeah.

Hitch: Beautiful girl.

Sara: Thank you.
Well, I'm this way.

Hitch: I'm that way.

Sara: Give me a ring sometime.
I mean, on the phone.

Hitch: No, I definitely will.



idiot : 馬鹿
moron : バカ
figured : ~と想像する
definitely : 絶対に



Hitch: I'm just as scared as you are, Sara.
But I'm right here, and our time is right now.

Sara: Well, what about before?

Hitch: I am a guy. Since when
do we get anything right the first time?

Sara: I'm a realist,
and I know what love does to people.

Hitch: No, you don't.

Sara: Keys.

Hitch: There you go. Right here.
I don't know who this is, and I don't care.
What I do know is he'll never feel about you
the way that I do.

Man D: You know how to drive a stick?

Sara: Both of you, shut up!

Man D: You okay?

Sara: Yeah. No, I'm fine.

Hitch: You'll never be fine, and neither will I!

Man D: Maybe I should drive.

Sara: Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Hitch: If that's what it takes.

Woman A: Sara, what happened?

Sara: He jumped on the car.

Woman A: Why?

Hitch: Because that's what people do.
They leap and hope to God they can fly.
Because otherwise...
we just drop like a rock...
wondering the whole way down:
"Why in the hell did I jump?"
But here I am, Sara, falling.
And there's only one person
that makes me feel like I can fly.
That's you.

Sara: So, you kind of like me?

Hitch: No.
I love you.
I love you, and I knew it from the first...

Sara: If I say it back now, it'll sound so stupid.


scared : 怖い
realist, : 現実主義者、
drive a stick : マニュアルの車を運転する
neither : どちらでもない
If that's what it takes. : そのために必要なのであれば
leap : 飛躍
Because otherwise... : そうでなければ...
I knew it from the first... : 最初から知っていた...
say it back : 言い返す




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